Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This is a sweet video that captures Hatley-Grace a 22 months right now.  Talking all the time, and learning her colors.  Usually she is on the go, yet she does sit and focus throughout the day on tasks such as building with her blocks.  Enjoy!

22 months

Weight: 23 lbs.
Hair/eyes: dirty blond/hazel
Clothing size: varies between 18 months and 24 months
Shoes: 4/5

Every month gets more fun with Hatley-Grace.  Language is exploding right now.  She has started saying her name, which sometimes comes out as just "grace", sometimes "hat" and sometimes "Hat grx".  She combines two words to make short sentences.  She learned to count to three by Marty counting to three before throwing her on the bed.  Sometimes she will just look at me and talk and talk and talk with just a sprinkling of words that are understandable, yet she knows exactly what she is saying.   She talks about church all the time and names her friends at church.  Hatley-Grace is the newest member of the welcome team at church as she shouts "hi" to everyone without stopping until they respond. Each "hi" follows by a wave gets louder and louder until she is literally shouting at people until they respond.  This is cute right now, I'm not sure what age it will become rude :)

Hatley-Grace is beginning to show a very girly side to her little personality. She has started the high pitch squealing sounds and cute girly giggles.  She loves her pretty dresses and asks to wear her egg dress, her Easter dress, all the time.  We had high school girls over this weekend to get ready for prom, and she loved their pretty dresses.  She pretended to put make up on and do her nails with the girls.

Hatley-Grace does not like to go to bed at night.  Nap time is never a battle, she loves to sleep and shouts night night as I leave the room.  But in the evening, it is a chore every single night to go to bed.  She cries for more books, or water, or poopy, or Mama.  She just hates to miss out on anything.  I'm hoping this is just a stage.

We are outside constantly right now.  We bounce between parks, pools, the water table, working in the yard, going on walks,  bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc. Being outdoors is her favorite place to be.

Dear Hatley-grace,

You are a busy little toddler, exploring everything around you.  You love to push the kitchen chair up to the counter and cook with Mama.  You help me make Daddy smoothies in the morning, crack eggs,  butter toast and stir cookie dough.  After you help, you ask "try it?".

You are a big helper right now, and thrive when given a job to do.  You like to put trash in the trash can, put your dishes in the dishwasher and put your crocks on.  You help me weed the garden beds, and out away laundry and you are so proud of yourself.

You have never been a clingy Mama's girl.  You are very independent, yet recently I sawyour way of showing me you need some Mama time.  This weekend, I hosted a shower at our house.  All morning I was busy cooking, cleaning, and visiting with friends.  You were content to play with your big friends that were here.  When I sat down with the other women to eat, you found your way through the crowded tables to stand next to me and placed your hand on my leg.  You didn't say anything, you just stood there for a few minutes touching my leg, and then went back to playing. This was a sweet memory I want to remember from this month that showed me your content personality.  You were tired and needed a little recharging from just being near me, and then you were able to be independent for a while longer without me.

You are so dear to your daddy and me.  You are loved more than you know!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter morning, Hatley-Grace enjoyed opening her Easter basket!  

I think her favorite thing was Minnie Mouse gardening gloves from Mimi.
We got dressed and headed to first service to celebrate the risen King!  We brought Hatley-Grace into the service for the beginning to listen to the music and to experience us praising the Lord through songs and the liturgy.  She intently watched the brass as they played, and enjoyed the choir singing as well.

After service, we headed home to grab our Easter dishes and celebrated with an Easter brunch with some other families from church.
 They are always so sweet to invite us to spend holidays with them since our families are far from Citrus County!
 They even planned a fun egg hunt for the youngsters.
 Hatley-Grace finally discovered the candy inside the eggs, and had her first jelly bean on this egg hunt.
 After one taste, she wanted to open all the eggs and eat "sweet treats" instead of hunting for more eggs. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Egg Hunting

Seven Rivers, our church, has a huge egg hunt every year.  It is such a fun morning, with lots of games and activities for the children, a big egg hunt that last for a few minutes, and lunch and fellowship.  

Last year, Hatley-Grace was too little to participate in the hunt,

but this year, we practiced egg hunting and talked lots about finding eggs and putting them in the basket.

 She had a blast playing with her friends and hula hooping before the hunt.

They divided the hunt up by ages, so she was on a field with just toddlers.

She waited with her Daddy like such a big girl to start.

And they were off!

She was not the least bit shy about finding the eggs and putting them in her basket.

Sweating from all the hard work!

So proud of all her eggs!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fort Myers

This week, HG and I spent a few days visiting with my family who were vacationing in Fort Myers.  Hatley-Grace got to spend time with her great Grandparents, Great Aunt and Uncle, and second cousins.  This was the first time we have spent much time at the beach since she has been walking.  I was hopeful she would like the beach because I love spending time soaking up the sun.  I was not disappointed.
 We have a little beach bug!  She absolutely loved the sand, the ocean and jumped right into playing.
 One of her favorite things to do was fill a bucket or watering can and walk it to another part of the beach and spill it out.
 Digging and filling up objects was fun too!
 She enjoyed trucks as well.  One of my favorite parts of our trip was watching her play and observe her older second cousins.
 Hatley-Grace had no fear when it came to swimming.  In the ocean she squealed with delight at the waves.  In the pool, she hung onto a small inter tub and kicked her way around the pool.
Her sweet curls!
 We watched the sun set over the Gulf both nights we were there.  It was such a reminder of God's beauty and majesty.
 Even the wind, clouds and some rain couldn't keep us off the beach the last morning.
 I think my girl and I are going to talk Daddy into lots of beach vacations soon in the years to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

21 months

Weight: Around 23 lbs.
Clothing:18 months, some 24 months
Shoes: 4

At this stage, you can almost see HG making connections and thinking through new things everyday. New words, new physical developments, new opinions, new interest.  Everything we do is a learning opportunity and she is soaking it all in.

HG has good sleeping habits, and sleeps around 11 hours at night and takes around a 2 hour nap after lunch.  I am so very thankful for this right now, because when she is not sleeping she is busy busy.

She loves being outside, so we have enjoyed the water table a lot this month now that it is warmer.  We love to go on walks with friends, and visit the duck pond.  HG still enjoys running errands, says hi to everyone that pays her attention.  Hatley-grace has taken more or an interested in playing with her dolls, and pretends to care for their needs,  She has a ball at youth group playing outside with the kids and is spoiled by all the girls there.  While we are there, she gives the boys big smiles and likes to help me sell snacks and drinks.  She is a big helper wherever we are.  If a friend is fussing, she tries to help by giving them a water bottle or snack.  She will help me load and unload the dishwasher, and can now swiffer dust the new wood floors :). We have entered more of a toddler/little girl stage, and I beleive the "baby" months are long gone.

Dear Hatley-Grace,

This month I have enjoyed doing life together.  We have been so focused on some big house projects, that sometimes you have just been toted from place to place, but you don't mind.  You have loved spending time at Home Depot and Lowes because they have a car cart for you to drive.  You like the plant section the best, and ask to go there first.

You are communicating so much better with us now.  I love to see your opinions form and your personality take shape.  You listen to me well, for your age, and you are sweet hearted.  You love church and are never scared to leave us to go to nursery.  You look like a big kid in the one year old room now, and have asked to go to the twos room.  We have have lots of family visitors recently; you  are so well loved baby girl.

Summer weather is here to stay for good now.  I'm looking forward to lots of pool time and icecream dates soon!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

20 months

Hatley-Grace is 20 months old.  We have seen our little girl grow so much this month.  Her vocabulary is exploding daily, and she is getting much bigger.

Weight: 22 lbs.
Clothing: 18m tops, 24m bottoms
Shoes: 4/5
Diapers: flips, medium length 4 snaps in, disposables 3-4
Hair/eyes: dirty blond/ hazel

7:30/8pm-7am is a typical nighttime sleep, with a good afternoon nap around 1-3.

Nothing really new this month in the eating area.  Sometimes I feel like all we do is cook, eat, clean-up and repeat.  HG is not a picky eater, and for that I am thankful.

Motor development:
HG started running this month, not really fast, but the skill is developing for sure when she sees something she wants to get into.  When playing outside in the yard, she walks confidently over branches and hills and is much more stable while on the go.  We have worked on some simple lacing activities this month along with coloring and painting crafts.  Stickers are a fun challenge right now too.  She is more interested in puzzles this month, and puts her animals in the stalls in her barn.  The shape shorting cube is another favorite activity right now.

Everyday we are hearing more babbling, and more coherent words.  She started stringing two words together this month very infrequently.  She can repeat most any word we ask, and still talks about church, snacks, and her friend, Iva, the most.

Fun stuff:
- This month, Marty and I went away for four days and left HG for the first time overnight.  My mom came to spend some quality time with HG, and she did wonderfully without us.  She loved her time with Mimi and still talks about it today.

-  Hatley-Grace has taken an interest in her baby dolls this month.  She likes to undress them and feed them the most.  She will babble to her baby dolls and pretends to put them to bed.

-  Hatley-Grace knows the first two catechism questions, and we are currently working on "Why did God make all things?".  "For His own glory" is a lot harder to say than, "God", and "all things".

-  Hatley-Grace started helping with daily chores this month.  She helps unload the dishwasher, puts clothes in the dryer, puts away her shoes, cleans up her toys and books, and waters flowers.
-  We are installing new laminate wood floors in the kitchen.  Each morning when a new stage of the process has been completed, HG squeals with delight and runs over the new section of floors in her socks.

-  We moved HG into a bigger convertible car seat this month.  She loves the better view out of the window.
Dear Hatley-Grace,

You are on the move more than ever this month.  You love to read books, do crafts, eat snacks, and go to church to see your friends.  Your Daddy and I went on a trip this month, and you stayed alone with Mimi at our house.  I thought it would be hard to be away from you that long, and although I did miss you, it was a wonderful time away.  I enjoyed it so much because you did so well with your Mimi.  You loved your time playing with Mimi, you slept and ate well, and that made our time away so much easier for me.  When we returned, you were happy to see us, then went back to your normal routine.  The next time we kissed you and gave you a hug you said "bye-bye", expecting us to leave you again with Mimi :)

You are able to communicate so much more this month.  I can see the little wheels turning in your head, and forming phrases and sentences that we have yet to understand fully.  You study your books, and practice saying words that you hear us read to you.  You are more interested in doing crafts now, and have a longer attention span for cooking in your kitchen, and playing with your babies.

I love watching you grow and look forward to seeing what new things you learn this month!