Friday, August 17, 2007

My Classroom...

I start new teacher orientation on Monday, Aug. 20, so I have been working hard to get my classroom ready for my little first graders. I have been so blessed to have a been left so many things from the old teacher who used to have my room. She has also been so great by helping me set up the tables and decorations around the room. While organizing, all the teachers have come to help me and introduce themselves. I am so excited to be making new teacher friends and to feel supported by all the staff in the school. There are also some other new teachers in the school I have bonded with as well. I am really excited to begin, yet nervous for the work that lies ahead. Here is a little glimpse into where I will be spending most of my time this year!

This is my favorite part of the room, the reading nook. Hopefully my students will find reading fun, or at least like to reading in this corner.

For all my teacher friends, here is my word wall :)

Keely and Kevins Wedding...

Right after our trip to the beach, we traveled up to PA to see one of my best high school girlfriends get married. Keely was a beautiful bride, completely calm and collected before the wedding and all smiles. We had a great time visiting with my friends from high school and seeing old friends.

Marty got a new seersucker suit for the wedding and looked like a little southern gentleman.

The newlyweds!!!! Mr and Mrs. Norman :)

High school girlfriends are the best!

They are next in line :)

The Beach...

Marty and I, my family and Aunt, Uncle and cousins vacationed at Sandbridge Beach in July. We had beautiful weather and a great week of visiting one another. Marty and I got hooked on Harry Potter earlier this summer, so this gave us a great time to catch up on reading. I also enjoyed tanning with the girls, while Marty and cousin Matt playing in the ocean!

Tanning Babes...aka my sister and cousin and I!

Marty and Matt boogie boarding in the ocean!

Marty and I reading Harry Potter on the beach, how romantic!
Our lovely friend, the sand crab!

That is how close we got to the sand crab, and he didn't try to pinch us!Relaxing :)

Home Sweet Home...

Marty and I are almost done decorating our new home. Our last project is the second bedroom which is going to be our Hokie bedroom/office. We have bought all the paint and hope to finish this weekend :) Here are some pics of the rest of our place...

This is our eating area

This is our living area

This is our first piece of furniture we bought as a married couple. We got it at an antique store in downtown Petersburg, it is a great place to store all our china and large serving dished we got from the wedding.

This is our tiny tiny kitchen, but it works for two people.

This is our bedroom

It has great big closets :)

This is the second bedroom, I promise it is almost done. It will soon be hokiefied :)

This is our bathroom. We didn't plan on having a purple bathroom, yet it matches our shower curtain great, and