Friday, August 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

Marty and I are almost done decorating our new home. Our last project is the second bedroom which is going to be our Hokie bedroom/office. We have bought all the paint and hope to finish this weekend :) Here are some pics of the rest of our place...

This is our eating area

This is our living area

This is our first piece of furniture we bought as a married couple. We got it at an antique store in downtown Petersburg, it is a great place to store all our china and large serving dished we got from the wedding.

This is our tiny tiny kitchen, but it works for two people.

This is our bedroom

It has great big closets :)

This is the second bedroom, I promise it is almost done. It will soon be hokiefied :)

This is our bathroom. We didn't plan on having a purple bathroom, yet it matches our shower curtain great, and

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luv ur appartment... dinning room table soooo cute <3