Friday, August 17, 2007

My Classroom...

I start new teacher orientation on Monday, Aug. 20, so I have been working hard to get my classroom ready for my little first graders. I have been so blessed to have a been left so many things from the old teacher who used to have my room. She has also been so great by helping me set up the tables and decorations around the room. While organizing, all the teachers have come to help me and introduce themselves. I am so excited to be making new teacher friends and to feel supported by all the staff in the school. There are also some other new teachers in the school I have bonded with as well. I am really excited to begin, yet nervous for the work that lies ahead. Here is a little glimpse into where I will be spending most of my time this year!

This is my favorite part of the room, the reading nook. Hopefully my students will find reading fun, or at least like to reading in this corner.

For all my teacher friends, here is my word wall :)


The Laci's said...

Hey Meredith! I love the classroom! I have a reading cubby in my classroom and the kids love to go sit in the corner with the pillows and read so I am sure yours will love it! Good luck with everything! Just be prepared to be VERY tired haha I know I was my first week!

Aunt Les said...

Looks great Meredith! I am so glad you've had some fellow teachers helping you out before your first year starts. That's wonderful! Matt loves his reading area at school. The teachers bring in pillows, bean bags and large stuffed animals for the kids to lay on while they read. Matt also wants to remind you to have a "prize box". In his class, if you do "good" things she tells you to put your name in the basket (on a piece of paper) at the end of each day three pieces of paper are pulled and those kids get to pick out of the prize box. These prizes are very small. At the beginning of the school year during back to school night the teacher has sign up papers on the table one of which is to sign up to bring in prizes for the prize box.

Hope these ideas help! I know you will be a wonderful 1st grade teacher! You definitely have the gift!

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Aunt Les & Matt said...

ur classroom looks sooo organized~!