Monday, September 3, 2007

At last!

As we arrived in Blacksburg this weekend, it felt like I was going back to school, yet sadly we were just visiting. As Marty described we had a wonderful weekend in good ole' hokie land. The football game was fun, but we have now graduated up to the season ticket section where you sit down for most of the game. We are used to standing and cheering the whole game, yet this way to can actually see the whole game and pay attention better.
I enjoyed seeing good friends the most. I was able to see Caroline and Hannah, who were two girls I led a BHS, and they are now all grown and college girls themselves. I also saw old roomates, cuddled with them, and saw my old residence- Hassel House- which looks great! We spent Sat. night with fellow graduates and some older hokies and reminisced about spring break trips.
Overall, it was a wonderful trip! Tonight I am going to bed before 9 because tomorrow is my first day of school!!! Wish me luck!

First Football Game

Welcome, all who have stumbled across our little corner of the blogiverse (blog+universe=blogiverse) it has come time for another entry about the lives of the Cates. Meredith has FINALLY given me (marty) access to the blog. Let the sarcasm rain down from the heavans.

This past weekend Meredith and I journeyed 5 long hours back to the hallowed campus of Virginia Tech to partake in the time honored tradition of tailgating and footballin. Tech won which was a relief, ECU was surprisingly tougher than our normal season opening oppopent.

With that a side lets talk what happened on the weekend. I took the day off to get the car inspected and to just putt around the house. Meredith left me a honey doo list. Gentleman that are not married this is the reason to stay unmarried. For those of us that are married this is one of the pains of marriage that we must deal with. I got quite the taste of what Meredith's entire summer was like, granted she had a car most days while I did not so her days were probably not nearly as boring as mine was. My day was crazy boring. Boring enough that I took to baking cookies for the car ride.

After my terribly boring day Meredith got off from school and we left for Colonial Heights. We picked my parents up for the ride to Blacksburg. Note to self and anyone else reading, riding with your parents for 3.5 hrs seems like a good idea, it may not be as good of an idea as it seems. We had a wonderful time in blacksburg, catching up with friends, hearing stacy dooley tell the story of her dad's uber excitement when the puppet guy won America's got Talent. That moment or the moment I spilled beer on Colt were the highlights of the weekend for me (not really but I had to figure out a way to incorporate the fact that I purposely spilled beer on Colt into the Blog).

We stayed at Dr. Lucian Robinson's wonderful home and it was great. Dr. R has a great place and it was nice to have a free room for the weekend really helped cut back on expenses.

Biggest disappointment of the weekend... No CABO. We didnt take the time to eat at CABO the single greatest restraunt in BBurg in my opinion, which matters because I am fat and know good food.

I really do love my parents and all kidding a side the trip to and from bburg was great to talk and catch up with them.

That is all for now, but I promise in the next blog big news from the Cates family....:)

Also we have realized that our last name Cates, sounds a lot like Cakes. So for now on our blogs will end with a pun such as TastyCates, or Carrot Cates.

So Long.