Monday, September 3, 2007

At last!

As we arrived in Blacksburg this weekend, it felt like I was going back to school, yet sadly we were just visiting. As Marty described we had a wonderful weekend in good ole' hokie land. The football game was fun, but we have now graduated up to the season ticket section where you sit down for most of the game. We are used to standing and cheering the whole game, yet this way to can actually see the whole game and pay attention better.
I enjoyed seeing good friends the most. I was able to see Caroline and Hannah, who were two girls I led a BHS, and they are now all grown and college girls themselves. I also saw old roomates, cuddled with them, and saw my old residence- Hassel House- which looks great! We spent Sat. night with fellow graduates and some older hokies and reminisced about spring break trips.
Overall, it was a wonderful trip! Tonight I am going to bed before 9 because tomorrow is my first day of school!!! Wish me luck!

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