Monday, December 24, 2007

By "We", Meredith Meant her. Now its my turn.

It is Christmas time, and I haven't posted since oh mid September after a hokie football game. This fall and early winter(now what officially two days old) have been up and down for me much like it has for the Hokie Football Team this season. After getting blown out by LSU to open the season the team was able to fight until our O-line was back together. Then Matt Ryan who I am pretty sure like little boys dashed dour hopes of possibly making it to the National Championship. The team finished strong though and won the ACC championship, and meets Kansas, lead by a man who needs to diet even more than me, in the Orange BOwl.

After getting pretty bored with my job at American Funds I got a promotion, and I am now the Area Sales Representative for NYC and West Chester County, NY. It is different, and in my opinion not really sales but no complaints. The biggest impact though from all of this has been a new TV. Shortly after my promotion was announced Meredith and I spent many hrs arguing over size, type, picture quality, flat screen or flat panel, and price, and by price I mean that is all we argued about. Who knew that "Cheapskate" Meredith thought $300 was enough to buy a flat panel TV. AFter hours of deliberation we settled on a nice 32" LCD TV. It is marvelous. The Hokies only look better in person.

Other big news that we announced was coming in our last blog is the introduction of RITA's to our local Norfolk scene. Meredith is so happy to have this piece of home so close to us now. She spends more than what we spent on a TV there every month.

Lastly Meredith and I are now beginning to examine, pray, and think about our future and where we want to spend it and what we want to be doing. My position at work pays well, and has the possibility to lead to a career that would be very profitable but also unfulfilling. We have started to think of moving and taking up teaching, which she already does but I do not. I have bugged the Virginia Department of Education to death the last few weeks trying to determine what I need to do to get a license. Other options include a new company, a new role, and possibly a new state to call home. Virginia has been good to me as my only state of residence during my lifetime, but it may be time to give another of the 50 a try at things.

From our family to yours thanks for reading and Merry Hanukkah. J/K we aren't Jewish though many of our neighbors are. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Things to look forward to in 2008. MORE BLOGS. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Updates on how Fat I still am. One of our goals for 2008 is to make me skinny. I plan to at least give a half hearted try at doing it the healthy way.

We are back!!!

It has been way too long without updating you on our lives. As you can guess our fall and early winter have been super busy. I am in the midst of first year teaching, Marty started a new position in his company and is helping with the middle schoolers at our church. We hope to keep y'all updated more regularly throughout 2008, which is coming so soon.

So many have asked how the first year of teaching is going, so below I have listed some of the things I have learned so far...

Thoughts from a first year, first grade teacher (quick and brief)
- Planning is a lot easier than I thought it would be, yet behavior management is a lot harder than I thought it would be
- As a first grade teacher sometimes you play many different roles such as: zoo keeper, detective, social worker, mommy, director, chef, exterminator, explorer, secretary... the list goes on and on
- Decorations for every holiday are essential
- Who knew you could create so many things with popsicle sticks?
- Pencils, stickers, and erasers are like gold!
- You must repeat anything that is important 10,000 times for it to stick
More thoughts from a first year, first grade teacher to come.

Here are a couple of my favorite thoughts from a first grader-
- "Mrs. Cates, I really think that we live in water, but just nobody can see it around us."

- While doing a math lesson on subtraction, Emily is examining her pencil very carefully. She then raises her hand, appearing to know the answer. I call on her to answer the subtraction problem and she says... " Mrs. Cates, do erasers grow back?"

Merry Christmas Eve friends. More updates to come :)