Monday, December 24, 2007

We are back!!!

It has been way too long without updating you on our lives. As you can guess our fall and early winter have been super busy. I am in the midst of first year teaching, Marty started a new position in his company and is helping with the middle schoolers at our church. We hope to keep y'all updated more regularly throughout 2008, which is coming so soon.

So many have asked how the first year of teaching is going, so below I have listed some of the things I have learned so far...

Thoughts from a first year, first grade teacher (quick and brief)
- Planning is a lot easier than I thought it would be, yet behavior management is a lot harder than I thought it would be
- As a first grade teacher sometimes you play many different roles such as: zoo keeper, detective, social worker, mommy, director, chef, exterminator, explorer, secretary... the list goes on and on
- Decorations for every holiday are essential
- Who knew you could create so many things with popsicle sticks?
- Pencils, stickers, and erasers are like gold!
- You must repeat anything that is important 10,000 times for it to stick
More thoughts from a first year, first grade teacher to come.

Here are a couple of my favorite thoughts from a first grader-
- "Mrs. Cates, I really think that we live in water, but just nobody can see it around us."

- While doing a math lesson on subtraction, Emily is examining her pencil very carefully. She then raises her hand, appearing to know the answer. I call on her to answer the subtraction problem and she says... " Mrs. Cates, do erasers grow back?"

Merry Christmas Eve friends. More updates to come :)

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