Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Its New Year Resolution time-For Marty

About this time every year billions of people across the world start their New Year off by making a resolution to accomplish something they know they will ultimately fail at. So in keeping with the traditions of the masses I will now list my New Year's resolutions.

  1. I will lose weight (by lose weight I want to be skinny.  Now I know that wont happen,  but its always good to try for the unattainable).  Lets be honest if you are reading our blog you know me, and you think I am overweight (I chose overweight because its more "PC" than Fat). 
  2. I will on average read 2 books a month.  This is an easy one I am a bibliophile.  I love books.  I'm one of the type that for someone reason can't carry a library card because I have to own the book for my library.
  3. I will lose weight.  (see #1)
  4. I will Quit smoking.  Check that one off the list I quit this morning and things are going great.  I'm glad I never started because I hear quitting is really hard.
  5. I will be better about keeping in touch with friends.  Some friends make this hard.  One friend of mine makes this extremely hard by moving to China.  He is my best friend yet I have to be careful what I write, say, type, or think when it comes to said friend because the Chinese govt likes to regulate everything.  If they knew half the stuff about Mark that I know they would kick him out of the country immediately.  Hear that China send Mark home.
  6. I will learn.  
  7. I will Blog more often.  This is the most important one to y'all out there in Blogiverse.
  8. I will lose weight.
  9. I will quit my dependency on cheap crack cocaine and other illicit drugs.  I throw this in here for all of you who care.  At least you'll think I'm quitting, but really I'm just becoming more secretive with my addictions.
  10. I will take Meredith on the trip of her lifetime.  
I hope all of you are having a wonderful so far this year and please keep me accountable on my goals.  If you see me and I'm still overweight holler out at my "Hey Overweight guy I thought you were going to get in shape," to which I will respond, "It takes time."  I have a year to complete this list and daggummit I am going to. Many happy journeys and blessings to you.

I will blog more often.  

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