Saturday, February 16, 2008

Excitement for the CATES

Let me start by apologizing for how long it took to get this blog updated.  I start by rationalizing our ineptitude to blog as of recent.  The wonderful neighbor who ever they were that had been providing us with free internet finally shut down the gravy train of free wifi.  They created an access list to which Meredith and I were not granted the privilege of joining.  SO we have been without internet until recent when someone named Bryant moved into the area so we can again milk the internet from someone else.  Currently we are at Meredith's parents and they provided us with an uninterrupted stream of broadband access.

So after all of that let me again say sorry for the slow blog updates.

Now onto the excitement.  Let me back track to mid January when Meredith and I met this nice little New York man named Freddy.  Freddy is an interesting guy from Queens I believe, but it could be Brooklyn.  They are essentially the same thing so it doesn't matter which he is from.  But he took us around the new Gold's Gym in Norfolk.  Freddy really wanted us to join the gym.  So we did, but walking around the gym with Freddy was quite entertaining.  He proceeded to talk up all the great classes and cardio equipment to Meredith, and to me he talked about all the Man stuff the weights.  Funny thing is though he never asked why we wanted to join.  I don't want to lift weights remember my new year's resolution is to get skinny that would involve cardio and classes, and meredith wants to tone and firm her hot body, which involves weights.  Really didnt sell his audience well.  Fortunately for him after the free month of membership, and two free months of tanning for Meredith we signed up.  The gym is interesting to say the least, but we both enjoy going.  Don't worry im still a short jolly guy.  Jolly is slightly less demeaning than "fat" so I choose to use it on occasion.  And Meredith still the little hottie she has always been.

Look for Meredith to tell you all about her Valentine's gift, soon.

As always thanks for reading and we miss you all dearly come visit us or call us and tell us to visit you.  We like roadtrips (if it isnt too far, and anything beyond about a 5 hr drive is really pushing meredith's patience)

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