Friday, February 22, 2008

Thoughts from a first grader...

 I am not sure at what age you begin to develop common sense, yet I do know it is after six- years old.  Well, maybe children develop this common sense at different paces, like puberty. All I do know is that most of my class has not started to develop the part of the brain that makes decisions based on common sense.  I will give you a good chuckle and try to create a picture of my life as a first grade teacher through a couple funny moments in the past weeks. 

*  Last week I was teaching a great science lesson on natural resources.  We were learning about the difference between a man-made resource and a natural resource.  The kids were really grasping the concept, no one was poking anyone, all was well in room 10.  All of a sudden, Bailey starts crying, jumping up and down, and shaking his head back and forth.  He runs up to me and begins to tell me how he was playing with a rubber band and some how it got stuck in his ear.  I looked but could not see anything.  I sent him to the nurse, who had to use pliers to pull the rubber band out of Bailey's ear.  I guess my science lesson was not interesting enough for him.

*  We had a step team and drum team from the local high school perform for us yesterday (which is kind of funny in and of itself).   Most of my kids LOVED it.  While all their little bodies were bouncing along to the beat, I saw Robert crying and covering his ears.  I motioned for him to come and tell me what was wrong, and he proceeded to tell me that he has tubes in his ears and he is scared that the drums are going to knock them out!  I assured him that he would be fine.

* Kids in first grade really don't like when other kids are staring at them.  Well, someone was staring at Bailey on Tuesday and he decided that he did not like it, so he stuck up his middle finger at him.  It was the end of the day, so I could not send him to the office, so I wrote a note home to his mother and I had a long talk with Bailey about why that was not allowed in school.  I also told him that if the note did not come back signed, he would not play at recess the next day.  Well on Wednesday, Bailey walked into my classroom and I asked him for the note.  He very seriously tells me that he thought about it last night and he decided that he did not need to play at recess for the rest of the year.  He would just sit and watch everyone else play.  Poor Bailey thought this was be best option.  I burst his bubble when I wrote a new note home telling him that if this one did not come back we would call Mom and he could tell her what happened. 

That is all for now.  Have a great weekend!

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The Laci's said...

Hey Meredith!! I love seeing what all you guys are up to these days! Not having school with all you girls means we don't get to catch up as often... what school do you teach at? Do you know Deep Creek HS? My brother teaches there. Anyway, I have some third grade comments VERY similar to those of your sweethearts. haha! kids! Well girl, have a great weekend and take care!