Friday, April 11, 2008

First sunburn of the season

Over my spring break two weeks ago I decided that my main goal was to go to the beach and relax.  Wednesday was supposed to be 75 and beautiful, so I planned for an all day trip to the beach, just me, the Big Gulp filled with diet coke and Harry Potter #7.  It was by far my favorite day of spring break.  The combination of the sun, sand and water is a hard one to beat.  March/ April is such a great time to enjoy the beach because no one is there, and you can wear normal clothes and not feel hot.  I just rolled up my jeans and relaxed.  Over all best trip in 2008, yet when I got in the CRV to drive home my ankles began to feel as though they were on fire.  Then my checks, and nose got the same feeling.  As I checked myself out in the rearview mirror, I noticed I was fried.  I could hardly bend my foot to press the gas pedal, and I will not even begin to reminisce the pain I felt at Body Step class that night, owww!  Nevertheless, it was worth it!


Erin said...

Dear Marty & Meredith,

Hunter and I are cordially inviting ourselves to stay with the two of you sometime in May/June for a fun beach couples weekend. Let us know when you are free.

the Dickenson's

Anonymous said...

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