Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I return with the return of "Bryant" our internet guy

I am back for a quick blog, and nothing more.  Just and update on life and the Cates.  Things are well for us at the moment.  Spring is slowly arriving, which means Meredith is very happy.  I have determined that she is the coldest blooded human ever.  If it is not 75 inside and/or outside she is cold.  It has recently been warm in the "757", and even warmer in our apt., but Meredith still whines that its cold.  Enough with that though.

I recently took a trip to the dentist.  I am proud to report 2 yrs no dentist, and still no cavities.  The bad news is that I found out Dental Insurance is not all they make it out to be.  I have a tooth that has a filling it, and the tooth is cracked.  I was informed I now need a crown.  The dentist returns about 15 minutes after informing me I need a crown with a price quote.  It was like I was buying new car or something.  There were payment plans, and options like decaling and gold plating.  In the end it was the bottom-line that I thought was outrageous.  1,000 big ones for a crown.  Of course m insurance picks up a whopping $383.47 leaving me with quite a bit to pay.  I have opted to wait on the crown.  

In more new and exciting Meredith and Mary news.  We have decided to stay around Norfolk for awhile, or have we.  Last weekend Meredith and I both went out of town with friends to enjoy some college reunion time.  Upon returning our decision to stay in Norfolk for awhile was trumped by our dislike for the area.  Unfortunately Northern VA friends and Bethesda area friends, Meredith has informed me that she will cry if I ask her to move to that area.  We are considering very hard Charleston, Blacksburg/Roanoke, and Richmond.  Depending on who you talk to really depends on where they rank on our list of most desirable.

Let me take a step back though to the trip out of town for both of us.  I will let Meredith tell her story of Sola's Birthday blast that included the great sport of Sola (I changed the name of this sport from my originally chosen name to its new name at the request of Sola and Stacy as not to offend anyone)  Kite Flying.  I though will tell the tales of Man Weekend at Moot Point in Irvinginton.  Let me start with the lameness of all the people that bailed without legit excuses.  This list includes: Evan Hicks, Scott "Crapsack" Robinson, Mark "I'm stuck in China" Ashbaugh, Andrew "Im the next Bill Gates" Hall, Scott "I play with link-n-logs" Cramer, Dave "Im engaged" Harris, Dave "I have a date" Blanco, Josh "I made up an excuse" Brown, and Stacy "Its going to be all Guys" Dooley, etc...  You see I ordered beer for about 15 people.  Knowing that Homeowner Hunter doesn't drink beer, and would be drinking Raz or B&Js, I thought we could all handle about 5 beers or so.  Well 2 1/6 kegs is about 112 12oz beers.  Only 8 people showed up and only 7 drank, and one was there for a day.  Let me continue with Rawls was sick so he wasn't up to his usual beer consumption standards.  So essentially its about 5.5 guys drinking 122 12oz beers.  we fell about 20 short for the weekend.  I was proud of the guys for coming through with great staying power when it came to throwing down multiple beers in an hours time frame to keep pace with Justin.  
Also in regards to this weekend I want to throw out there that i love Croquet.  I would like to say that the Blacksburg Croquet Society is now fielding competitive tourney's once a year held at the Tartan Golf club.  It is an invitational so be on top of your game, and you could find yourself playing against the B League stars of tomorrow.  We would like to give a congratulations to Paul Scott who finished the year of 2007 ranked #1 in the US.  

We that I think you for reading what has turned into complete ramblings by Marty


Caroline said...

YO!! Move to Blacksburg!!!

SB said...

hahaha thanks farty marty.