Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sweet children

Pictures from the beach are coming soon. I just came home from summer school, which has been going great! A small class size makes all the difference in behavior, attention spans, and comprehension. I have a total of 16 kids on my role, yet only 12 have shown up over the summer. I usually have around 7-10, although yesterday I hit an all time low at 5 kids. It has been a blast to feel like I am actually getting through to these kids that are below grade level and struggling. We have studied fun topics like colors, teeth, farm animals and bugs. They have been engaged in lessons and excited about hands-on activities and actually obey the rules. This experience has given me more confidence in my abilities and has been an encouragement to me. I wanted to quickly share a tidbit that made me smile today- I was working with a reading group and we were reading this article about how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. We were reading about little eggs, larva and how the caterpillar grows up and eats a lot. Then we got to a picture of a cocoon and the kids thought it was so neat that the caterpillar was inside of it. I asked them what the caterpillar was in and Steven shouted it "He's in a raccoon! He's in a raccoon!"

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love of the beach...

Marty and I are currently enjoying a week at Sandbridge, a beach south of Virginia Beach, with our family. Although we live close to the beach, there is still nothing like having a week completly free from work, plans, schedules and the daily demands of grown-up life. We have been spending endless hours baking in the sun, swimming in the ocean and pool and spending great time with family. I hope you are having a great middle of the week and enjoying the summer time as well. The summer months are flying by quickly, so get out and barbeque something! More details to come when we return to Norfolk. Click here to see our house!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer catch-up...

While moving I lost my cord that connects my camera to the computer, so I have not been able to post pictures from some great weddings. First off, my dear high school friend, Jessica, got a new last name on June 21...happy 3 1/2 weeks! Jessica has always been a kindred spirit and an encouragement to me. Growing up with Jess has been such a blessing, she has been with me in good times and in bad, yet loved me unconditionally! A week before the wedding we threw her a fun "bachelorette party".

All ice-cream ladies and gentlemen!

Jessica was a beautiful bride! Enjoy the bliss of being newlyweds Ryan and Jess!

The next weekend we traveled to Chatham, VA. This is an adorable, little, one stop light town outside of Danville. My first friend at Virginia Tech, Megan Leigh, got married to her sweetheart, Joe, on June 28. Megan and I met at our college orientation and were instant friends. We shared a love for all things southern, pink, vera bradley, but most importantly a love for Christ. We were blessed to be roomies for three years and I am so thrilled for her to begin her marriage and ministry with Joe!

HasselHouse Roomates!

HasselHouse boyfriends, well now husbands!

Also- Happy two year anniversary Erin and Hunter!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who doesn't love a cupcake?

While running errands in Hickory yesterday, Marty and I decided to take a detour from Home Depot to this cute new place called the Cupcakery. What a neat idea, a restaurant based on creating unique cupcakes! Yum! Marty and I tried a fuzzy navel cupcake, which was a peachy cupcake, and a pineapple cream cupcake. They were just as good as they sound. Since it was Sunday the cupcakes were not fresh ( the ovens observe the sabbath), so I bet they are even better during the week. I decided to check out the Cupcakery website- Check it out! Be sure to check out the favorites section- look at all those great flavors. If that doesn't give you a sweet tooth I don't know what will! Have a great Monday!


We are still in the process of moving to a new condo in Norfolk. We began moving July 1st and we have until July 12th to be completely moved out of our old place. It has been a long process- who knew two people could have so much stuff. We LOVE the new place we are living in. It is a loft in Freemason, which is an area of Norfolk that is really close to downtown. The inside has exposed brick and high ceilings with exposed beams. It has a ton of character and is in a great location. We are a block from the grocery store, and two blocks from MacArthur Mall which has a movie theater and lots of great stores. We are also right next to the water and an area that has a ton of town festivals. Along with all of these things close by there are the typical downtown attractions like the library and great restaurants. We are also living in the same building as some great friends, Reid and Allyson- pictured below.

We are also very close to Harbor Park which houses our favorite local baseball team-The Tides! We have enjoyed great baseball games there with friends!

Pictures from our new condo will be coming soon as well as pictures from Jessica and Megan's weddings. Congrats girls!!!