Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer catch-up...

While moving I lost my cord that connects my camera to the computer, so I have not been able to post pictures from some great weddings. First off, my dear high school friend, Jessica, got a new last name on June 21...happy 3 1/2 weeks! Jessica has always been a kindred spirit and an encouragement to me. Growing up with Jess has been such a blessing, she has been with me in good times and in bad, yet loved me unconditionally! A week before the wedding we threw her a fun "bachelorette party".

All ice-cream ladies and gentlemen!

Jessica was a beautiful bride! Enjoy the bliss of being newlyweds Ryan and Jess!

The next weekend we traveled to Chatham, VA. This is an adorable, little, one stop light town outside of Danville. My first friend at Virginia Tech, Megan Leigh, got married to her sweetheart, Joe, on June 28. Megan and I met at our college orientation and were instant friends. We shared a love for all things southern, pink, vera bradley, but most importantly a love for Christ. We were blessed to be roomies for three years and I am so thrilled for her to begin her marriage and ministry with Joe!

HasselHouse Roomates!

HasselHouse boyfriends, well now husbands!

Also- Happy two year anniversary Erin and Hunter!

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