Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sweet children

Pictures from the beach are coming soon. I just came home from summer school, which has been going great! A small class size makes all the difference in behavior, attention spans, and comprehension. I have a total of 16 kids on my role, yet only 12 have shown up over the summer. I usually have around 7-10, although yesterday I hit an all time low at 5 kids. It has been a blast to feel like I am actually getting through to these kids that are below grade level and struggling. We have studied fun topics like colors, teeth, farm animals and bugs. They have been engaged in lessons and excited about hands-on activities and actually obey the rules. This experience has given me more confidence in my abilities and has been an encouragement to me. I wanted to quickly share a tidbit that made me smile today- I was working with a reading group and we were reading this article about how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. We were reading about little eggs, larva and how the caterpillar grows up and eats a lot. Then we got to a picture of a cocoon and the kids thought it was so neat that the caterpillar was inside of it. I asked them what the caterpillar was in and Steven shouted it "He's in a raccoon! He's in a raccoon!"

Happy Tuesday!

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Elizabeth said...

Working with small groups is wonderful isn't it. During reading groups in my class was when I felt that I really got to know my students and get through to them because of the small size. You are a great teacher...everyone has bumps in the road and hard classes, keep at it!