Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear Summer,

Dear Summer,
I am sad to say that I must return to work tomorrow, so it is now time to say goodbye. You always seem to come and go too quickly. I am saddened that I will not get to see you for nine long months. I hope and pray the time flies by until I can be with you again. We have had some wonderful times relaxing together on the beach and traveling up and down the east coast to visit family and friends. Until June I will have you only in my thoughts and dreams. Take care Summer and know that I will never forget you!

Meredith Grace

Thursday, August 21, 2008

'Tis the season for weddings

Usually, most of our summer is spent on the beach, yet this summer we may have spent more time at weddings, or wedding related events. I guess the early/mid-twenties is the season of life when friends are getting married. To stay true to this stage of life, we have recently celebrated a wedding of a couple at our church. It was a pretty outside wedding on the water.

Because the groom is an architect, they created a game to get everyone building before dinner. We got a bag of supplies, and each table had to create a unique structure. They table with the best creation got to get dinner idea. It kept us busy until dinner was ready to say the least.

Then we traveled to PA for Sara's bridal shower. Sara is a friend that I met in pre-school, and I am super excited for her to get married in a couple weeks. Here are some pics from the shower...

Bridesmaids- minus 2

The Bride!!!

No bridal shower is complete without cheesy games!

School is right around the corner, so I am trying to soak up every last ounce of summer sun! Have a great afternoon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ladies, sometimes expect the best...

Yesterday, Marty called me during the middle of the day while I was having lunch with my friend Amanda. I answered and told him I would call him back when I was done. He called again just as we finished lunch while I was walking home. I answered and he sounded down and sad, so I asked him what was wrong and he told me that we would talk about it when he got home. Well, this is not my typical conversation with Marty during the day so I started to get worried. My mind drifts to all the terrible situations that could have happened throughout the day- maybe he got fed up with his job and quit, or maybe he crashed his truck, or maybe he broke the zipper on his pants and had to walk around half naked all day- I don't know. So, instead of worrying too much about it, I decided to fix dinner, put on a sundress I know he likes and at least he will come home to food and his wife. The doorbell rang and I assumed it was our neighbors, so I called "Come in". No one came in, so I went over to open it. There was Marty standing in the doorway, with a 12 pack of Beck's Light in one hand (only 64 calories by the way) and gerber daisies in the other hand. The newlywed still in the honeymoon stage would notice the flowers and squeal with joy, yet all I did was look at the beer and then at the flowers and said "What did you do!" Marty just said "nothing!" and kissed me hello. It turned out that Marty just had a long tiring day and wanted to have a relaxing night. So, ladies, sometimes our hubbies do actually do silly things, yet sometimes just expect the best from them :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to our new home!

Up until this point in my life I would have never guessed I would enjoy "city" life. Granted, Norfolk is no BIG city, yet there some tall buildings and city-like aspects to Norfolk. Nevertheless, I have truly enjoyed living in our condo near downtown. As I have said in previous blog posts, we are so close to The Market (grocery store), the mall, restaurants, and the harbor. It has been a fun change from the small town life in Blacksburg. As promised, I have included some pictures as well.

We love the exposed bricks, beams, duct work in the high ceilings.

My favorite spot!

Our "backyard"

Family visit for a nice lunch at the Freemason Abbey

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Marty and I had a wonderful week at the beach this year with my parents, my sister, my aunt and uncle, cousins and grandparents. Mostly every day was spent lounging at the beach and pool. I finished a wonderful book called Marley and Me (I don't know how to underline on a blog) which if you haven't read it you should. It is a beautiful story about an energetic, lovable dog and his life with his family. They are creating a movie from this book starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson planned to come out in the winter, and part of it is filmed in good ole' West Chester. I also got further along in reading the Chronicles of Narnia books. On Thursday, the one rainy day, the family traveled to Norfolk to see our new condo, and explore the city a little bit. Here are some pictures from our vacation together!