Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is that smell?

The past couple of weeks in kindergarten have been such a joy. Almost everyday I am amazed at how different my year this year is from my first year last year in first grade. I am blown away at how different children can be just one year apart. Now, kindergarten is no preschool, yet some of my days do not look much different than preschool. One story sticks out particularly in my mind...

One day during center time, I overhear my assistant ask a child what is on his shirt. I look at the child and he has a big brown stain across his shirt. He looked at her, with a completely straight face and told her that it was poopy, and went back to work. My assistant said, Doesn't it smell? He promptly told her "Yeah, it smells like stinky poopy poop! She asked him how he got it all over his shirt and he told her that he got some on his hand in the bathroom and he needed to get it off his hand! Yuck! Lucky, the nurse took care of cleaning that up.

Although I am teaching my kids all about letters, numbers, shapes, writing, social studies and science, they are still little five year olds. They have accidents,fussy days and still miss their mommy and daddy. It is such a sweet age to teach, and it is so rewarding to watch them grow.

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Sara said...

Meredith, I am laughing so hard right now. That is a great story!!! hahahaha.