Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting in the holiday spirit...

Marty and I are trying to be ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas shopping this year. The worst thing is when half of December has come and gone and the Christmas list is still a mile long. We were inspired one September day in Target when we saw the perfect present for my Mom. We decided then, it was never too early to begin Christmas shopping. We have been shopping in little bits and pieces ever since. We are waiting for some good Black Friday deals, and we discovered this great website that explains all the deals stores are having this year. Click Here. Some stores are having great deals and some are not, depending on your shopping demographic. Real Simple's website also has some great ideas and tips while preparing for the holidays. Click here . That is enough of Christmas for now, lets celebrate one holiday at a time. As a kindergarten teacher, Christmas seems to last for months and months because of the kids' excitement!

PS- Congratulations to Amanda and Jake for their recent engagement!

Amanda and I are blinded by her ENORMOUS new bling!!! Great job Jake!!!

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Erin said...

Great website tips - I am definitely checking those out. I am so excited for Amanda and Jake - thanks for posting those pics. We should catch up sometime soon. Love you bunches!