Monday, November 3, 2008

Homecoming Weekend

Last weekend Marty and I traveled across the state to visit my sister, Bethany, at her college, Shippensburg University. We went to visit because she was chosen to be on Homecoming Court. We were so proud that we wanted to go and support her on her special day. She was a beautiful court member and we think the best looking gal there. The football experience was completely different from Tech. It was a glorified high school football game, and I don't think Bethany would be offended by that statement. It also didn't help the team that it poured the entire game. Despite the rain, Marty was so excited to get 3 free water bottles from the college girls.

The beautiful Bethany ready to get wet at the game!

We are trying to love the rain.

Marty with three water bottles in his jacket, looking mischievous.

The cousins and Bethany

Congrats Bethany!

Although she didn't win queen, we were very proud of her and excited that she was able to make it that far. Even though the day was rainy and miserable out, yet we had a fun time getting soaked, watching a sub-par football team and cheering on Bethany!

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