Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The magic voting time...

Today teachers at my school had an in-service day, yet our school was also a voting poll. I had to fight for a parking spot this morning, literally stalk old women walking slowly to their cars to park my car to get to work. Inside, there were lines throughout our entire school filled with people waiting to vote. This morning Marty had to wait in line in the rain for two hours! I have heard stories of people waiting in lines going outside voting buildings and down streets in the pouring rain. In light of all of this information, I decided to leave work a little early so that I could get in line to wait my turn. I arrived at Taylor Elementary School in Norfolk, to discover no lines outside the school. I felt relieved thinking that it may only be an hour wait. I continued inside the school, down the hallway and still did not see anyone. I started to get worried, maybe they closed the polls early, maybe I missed my turn. I arrived at the cafeteria to find one person voting and five voting booths completely empty. All the workers told me I choose the perfect time to come and vote, and they told me stories of ridiculously long lines earlier in the day. So, ladies and gentlemen, next time you go to vote, go exactly at 3:35pm and you'll be in and out in less than 5 minutes!

Last thought- Where have all these voters been for previous elections? That is what I find completely shocking about today. I know that this is a major, historical election, yet shouldn't every presidential election cause everyone to investigate the candidates, register and vote?

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