Monday, November 3, 2008

My homecoming weekend experience

Let me start this blog with the following disclaimer. I love my little sis in-law. She is an unbelievably intelligent and beautiful young woman. With that said let me tell what I hate (in no particular order). I hate long drives on crowded roads. By crowded I mean two lane roads across the Commonwealth in the rain. Meredith and I drove across what I call the Virginia Hunt Country. Goodness on a normal day I would have peed myself in just anticipation of driving through the area, it is absolutely gorgeous. On our particular Friday it was cold and rainy. It was a terribly miserable drive. That carried us through what I call the highway to hell or 81. This highway was designed before cars could do more than 35mph and before trucks were even invented. Now its dominated by Mersk, Walmart, Perdue, and countless other companies shipping their goods across the country via this integral roadway. I still think its hell. That is enough about what I hate let move on.

Meredith and I arrived at the Sleep Inn part of the wonderful Choice Hotel chain. Two big problems. They put us in a room that faced the Highway to Hell, and the continental breakfast was set up for a crowd of oh 2, yet there were like 400 people in this room. There was a sign prominently displayed that said not to take food out of the room, but with no where to sit I was left with only one choice, to break the rules (I hated it). After breakfast we sat around in the hotel room waiting for, "the game," to start. For lunch we headed to town to grab a bite before kick off. Cathi and Ron (In-Laws) decided that the diner in town was the best place for lunch. We had no idea we were in for the rudest waitress ever. I asked a simple question regarding the contents of my sandwich. It was a bacon cheeseburger melt. (I was wondering if it hand Catsup, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo or anything else on the sandwich. Apparently asking questions about your order in SHippensburg is frowned upon. Her response, "I dont know what does the menu say." Do you think I would ask if the Menu told me what else was on the Sandwhich. Think about it. I might sound slow just because a little twang in my voice, but Seriously, I mean Seriously I don't think I look that ignorant.)

Upon arriving at the game it rained and then it rained harder and got colder.

For the game itself well.... Lets say I have seen pee wee leagues that play better football. There was a total lack of anything resembling college football in Shippensburg that day. The highlight was the band, they were good.

Halftime finaly arrived, only problem was that I was in need of life support. I think I got frost bite. Bethany had set herself expectations not to finish 5th out of the finalist. It was already a feat that she had made it to the finalist. This is not some small school. Ship is 6-7k of the finest from PA. She did well, and looked great doing it. Immediately following halftime, Meredith and I returned home. (Drove through the same beautiful countryside this time with out Rain. It was amazing. I love the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Old Dominion, The Mother of Presidents, The Capital of the Confederacy, The Cousin of Vice Presidents it is such an amazingly beautiful state.

With that my rant over the weekend is done. I would keep going but im getting bored of typing. I hope all is well

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