Saturday, December 20, 2008

December fun!

Marty's birthday is Dec. 27, so we never get to celebrate with friends because it is so close to Christmas. So, this year I decided that we would celebrate his 26th a little early. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants- No Frill Bar and Grill- which if you are ever in Norfolk you need to visit. We had a fun time celebrating with friends, and even sang Happy Birthday loudly, just how Marty likes it :). Then we had friends back to our place for cake. Marty chose a Pineapple Upside-Down cake which sounds difficult to make, yet was easy and very tasty. Below are some pictures of the (almost) birthday boy and some of our Norfolk friends.
The birthday boy looking awkward,

This past week we had our annual gingerbread house "contest" with our community group from church. I was on the best team ever, and even though no one judged our homes and declared a winner, it was pretty much understood that our team won :) We had a great time being creative and competitive together. Check out our house-
Santa is on his sleigh in the front yard, each wreath is perfectly hung with a red bow

Marty's gingerbread truck is below...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where does your worth come from?

Today was a hard day in Kindergarten. To spare a lot of the details, I had a parent tell me that their child would never learn in my classroom no matter what I did. She told me she knows my type of teaching style and he will never learn in my class, and that I was setting him up for failure. She said this in a meeting with administrators, and various specialists. I am one of the first people to tell anyone that I do not know everything and I am open to feedback on my teaching. Yet, she was putting down my "style of teaching"- or the Chesapeake literacy program- which is something out of my control. I just sat there and took it until my administrator stopped her. I have such a wonderful bunch of co-workers that encouraged me, supported me and affirmed my abilities.

After school, I went to the gym to burn off some frustration and to sort out some thoughts. I started thinking about what I find my worth in. Is my worth in being a good teacher, having people like me and appreciate me, being kind, having it all together, being a good wife/ friend, having a comfortable paycheck, being fit and healthy? These things can get taken away in a second, even when you don't do anything to loose them. Why is our worth in all these non-permanent things? My worth needs to be in the fact that I am a daughter of the Lord and that alone.

Phil 3:8- Indeed, I count everything as a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ my Lord".

I need to be a good teacher and a hard worker, yet my worth is not found in that alone. When I fail, or disappoint, there is someone greater that myself that loves and cherishes me completely.

Friday, December 12, 2008

New continent...

Today we made penguins for our bulletin board outside of our classroom. I was telling the children that penguins live where it is cold, and that is why we made penguins for our board around this time of the year, because it is cold in winter. Ashlyn raised her hand and told me that she knew where penguins lived...they live in Antafrica because it is always cold there. How cute is that!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's funny from the land of kindergarten...

Like any good kindergarten, we are practicing for our winter show called the "Snow Show". This entails each kindergarten class performing a song for the parents. The teachers chose a couple of students to have small speaking roles before each class sings to introduce the songs. Well, I have a sweet little girl named Autumn in my class who I thought would do a nice job. Her Daddy is "working for America in the desert" right now and he will be returning home just in time for our concert, so I thought it would be really nice for their family to see Autumn have a special part in our performance. Well, Autumn informed me at practice that she was a little nervous, but she was really exited to talk into the microphone. She held it together and said her lines very well. About two minutes after the performance the stage began to STINK. Well, 5 classes of kindergarten students never smell fresh, so we walked back to the classroom holding our breath. About 5 more minutes pass, and the smell is back. This time it is not "Stinky Poopy Pants"(see previous posts), yet it is Autumn! We told Autumn that was really really smelly, and she giggled and said "Yeah, sometimes I have gas when I get nervous!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Marty and I got our very first Christmas tree this weekend. Since I am a bad decision maker, Marty made me make a choice really fast. I guess all the trees begin to look the same after a while anyways! They bundled it up, we put it in the truck and off we went. It was really interesting maneuvering the tree around our condo building, into the elevator and to our condo. Once it was up in the stand, it only fell one time, yet we hadn't decorated it yet so it wasn't a big deal. So far it has held up nicely. We have a hodge-podge of decorations on the tree, yet I think that is what makes decorating fun. Who has perfectly matched decorations? Not us. I did make ornaments last year out of brown, cream and pink ribbon, so that is covering the tree. We also have one Virginia Tech ornament for each year of Marty's life (maybe more!). So I guess our tree is a beautiful representation of us both :) Here are some pictures...