Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's funny from the land of kindergarten...

Like any good kindergarten, we are practicing for our winter show called the "Snow Show". This entails each kindergarten class performing a song for the parents. The teachers chose a couple of students to have small speaking roles before each class sings to introduce the songs. Well, I have a sweet little girl named Autumn in my class who I thought would do a nice job. Her Daddy is "working for America in the desert" right now and he will be returning home just in time for our concert, so I thought it would be really nice for their family to see Autumn have a special part in our performance. Well, Autumn informed me at practice that she was a little nervous, but she was really exited to talk into the microphone. She held it together and said her lines very well. About two minutes after the performance the stage began to STINK. Well, 5 classes of kindergarten students never smell fresh, so we walked back to the classroom holding our breath. About 5 more minutes pass, and the smell is back. This time it is not "Stinky Poopy Pants"(see previous posts), yet it is Autumn! We told Autumn that was really really smelly, and she giggled and said "Yeah, sometimes I have gas when I get nervous!"

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