Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where does your worth come from?

Today was a hard day in Kindergarten. To spare a lot of the details, I had a parent tell me that their child would never learn in my classroom no matter what I did. She told me she knows my type of teaching style and he will never learn in my class, and that I was setting him up for failure. She said this in a meeting with administrators, and various specialists. I am one of the first people to tell anyone that I do not know everything and I am open to feedback on my teaching. Yet, she was putting down my "style of teaching"- or the Chesapeake literacy program- which is something out of my control. I just sat there and took it until my administrator stopped her. I have such a wonderful bunch of co-workers that encouraged me, supported me and affirmed my abilities.

After school, I went to the gym to burn off some frustration and to sort out some thoughts. I started thinking about what I find my worth in. Is my worth in being a good teacher, having people like me and appreciate me, being kind, having it all together, being a good wife/ friend, having a comfortable paycheck, being fit and healthy? These things can get taken away in a second, even when you don't do anything to loose them. Why is our worth in all these non-permanent things? My worth needs to be in the fact that I am a daughter of the Lord and that alone.

Phil 3:8- Indeed, I count everything as a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ my Lord".

I need to be a good teacher and a hard worker, yet my worth is not found in that alone. When I fail, or disappoint, there is someone greater that myself that loves and cherishes me completely.


Erin said...

I'm proud of you Meredith - that does not sound like a fun situation at all. Was this the mother you mentioned to me on our way to girls weekend? I'm glad that your fellow teachers/administration are on your side, even if all of your students' parents are not. Only a few more hours and it's the weekend - soon to be Christmas break! When are you and Marty coming into town? We'd still love to get together while you're here. Love you!

Steph said...

Mar -

I know I'm reading this a bit late (I like to peruse blogs from time to time! But, I'm glad the Lord is teaching you about worth - and surprisingly enough, I realllllly needed to hear all that TODAY (even though it is later than when you wrote it).

SO, even though it was unintended, thanks for the encouragement and challenging my faith without even knowing it!

Love you and Marty - Merry Christmas!