Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Snow Day!

Living in Hampton Roads, the "757" as the cool kids call it, you expect some things. You expect bad traffic, good high school football, a busy beach in the summer, maybe even a rapper spotting. What you do not expect is snow. Yet as a teacher, snow is a crucial part of surviving the time between Christmas break and Spring break. In the winter months, all teachers watch the nightly weather news with a slight hope of snow/ice in the forecast. Teaching in Chesapeake, my hopes for snow had kind of dwindled away until yesterday. Let me take you back a couple days to Saturday...

I woke up feeling awful, sore throat, chills, swollen eyes, tummy ache, the works. Being the person that is never sick, I figured it would go away so I went wedding dress shopping with a girlfriend. When I got home I felt like death. I spent the rest of the weekend in bed, crying, sleeping, whining, and downing ibuprofen and halls. Thank goodness for Martin Luther King Jr. and a day off on Monday to get better. I went to the doctor, the strep test came back negative, the doctor said "yuck" there is puss all over your tonsils, so I got an antibiotic and in a couple of hours started to turn the corner. It was about this time that I spotted snow on the forecast. WINTER STORM WARNING for Hampton Roads. Marty and I became obsessed with the weather channel for the next hour watching the green blob move closer and closer to Hampton Roads. We went to bed wondering if we were going to wake up to a beautiful city covered in snow, you know, like one you see in the movies. Well, sadly we woke up to nothing, so I started getting ready for the school day even though I felt just alright. As I turned on the TV to eat my breakfast, the words Chesapeake Public Schools- closed ran across the bottom of the screen, along with every other school district around. God is so good to give me more time to recuperate. I told Marty and went back to bed. What a great feeling!

It is now 4:30pm and it still has not snowed one bit, yet the news is still calling for snow tonight. I will now be obsessed with the weather channel as long as Marty will let me be. I will wake up again tomorrow morning waiting to see a beautiful snow covered city. A girl can always hope :)

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