Friday, January 9, 2009

Meals Matter

Over the break I discover a website called Meals Matter (click to open). It can store your cookbook, or favorite recipes you find online. It also contains a ton of recipes if you are just looking for something to cook. It also has a calendar where you can plan your meals for the week, month, or year. It will also develop a shopping list for you once you plan your meals. We just started using it this past week, yet it is such a helpful tool. It relieves the frustration of forgetting one ingredient at the store, or just not knowing what you want to have for dinner. I am usually real tired after work, and the last thing I want to do is go to the store with everyone else in Hampton Roads. We only plan our dinners, yet you can plan all your meals and even snacks. It helps you see a weeks overview of your eating as well, and help balance the types of meals. Check it out, it has made our lives a little bit easier so far!

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Elizabeth said...

I used to plan out my meals all the time before the little one came along. But I agree it helps a ton and makes it a lot easier esp. after a long day...thanks for the website =)