Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Norfolk, VA

Here is a quick update on our holiday-
Our vacation seemed to fly by. We spent Christmas week at Marty's parents house in Colonial Heights, Va for the first time. We got to spend time with both sides of his family, ate a lot of good food, and I got a lot of shopping in with Mrs. Cates. We also enjoyed near 70 degree weather! Then we traveled north of the Mason Dixon line to visit with my family the week of New Years. While at home we celebrated Marty's birthday, again-

We went into Philadelphia with my sister, Bethany, and her boyfriend Matt.

We took a lot of pictures at the Betsy Ross house because she is a Kindergarten SOL (standard of learning) here in Virginia. My kids have already learned about her but they are really excited to see pictures of me at the Betsy's home :) While on the tour we learned that she most likely did not create the first flag, but just takes credit for it, and the guide didn't seemed to please that everyone credits the flag to her.

This is where Ben Franklin's home and printing shop was located.

And here he lies with Deborah.

Liberty Bell

Constitution Center

We completed our trip with a good ole' cheese steak, Yum!

We also had our annual bowling tornament with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins...

Bethany and Matt

I chose a Minni ball this year. Marty won the purple thing in my hand from one of those claw games- what do you think it is. We concluded that it was either a present, or a "happy" pill.

Another fun part of our break was celebrating our friends, Mark and Katherine's wedding.

That was a quick overview of some of our holiday celebrations. Marty and I wish y'all a wonderful beginning to the New Year.

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