Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update, Update, Update...

Still no progress in Marty's job search, yet we have been very encouraged throughout the process so far. He has gotten various leads on jobs and many offers from people that want to help him find a new job. We have seen God providing for us daily, and almost feel more at peace about money than we did with two salaries.

We spent Valentines Day with our dear friends Hunter and Erin in Richmond. We spent Saturday evening over fondue :) We fixed a cheese fondue with bread and veggies, broth fondue with beef, shrimp and chicken, and chocolate fondue with goodies. After 4 hours of cooking, eating, cooking, eating, cooking and eating we completed our feast. The rest of the weekend we relaxed, played games and enjoyed visiting with the Dickensons.

Kindergarten has kept me busy the past week or so. We celebrated the 100th day of school and Valentines Day last week, and we also had a quick break for President's Day. We have been learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington this week and I have heard some FUNNY stuff about presidents from my kids. Here are some comments about Abraham Lincoln from 5 year olds...
1. "He was the guy that was called Trustworthy Abe"
2. "He got shot by that dude"
3. "Back in the olden days, Abraham Lincoln told people that you should not make other people work for you for free. But sometimes my Daddy picks up my toys for free, but that doesn't mean he is a slave...he is just a good Daddy."

Have a great weekend y'all!

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The Laci's said...

I am so glad things are looking up for you all. God really does do wonders. I love the comments from the kids! Trust me, I know what you are talking about. I had a 3rd grader today ask me why George Washington isn't living in the White House! Haha! Kids!