Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The power of the ordinary coupon

I have always thought about coupon clipping. I have even tried it once or twice before. Yet recently we have been discovering the shear power of the Sunday paper coupons. I did say "we". Marty even enjoys a good hunt for a bargain, and he is very helpful since he is much better at math than I am :) After clipping together on Sunday and getting excited about our weekly menu, Marty went to the store today while I was at school. He called after work so excited to share that he saved $40.00! That is real money! When a guy gets excited about that you know it must be good. When I got home, we realized that he forgot the much needed yogurt- the primary thing for my lunches at school. We remember that we had a coupon for 1.00, and that it was on sale for 1.99. The coupon can be doubled at our store, so the coupon turned into 2.00 off of 1.99- free yogurt! While at the store we found some Sun Chips (a favorite) that were on sale for 3.00, and had a 1.00 coupon on it that could be doubled. Do the math- 1.00 Sun Chips. At the check-out counter, we spent 1.08 on a 6-pack of yogurt and big bag of Sun Chips. Jasmine, the cashier, congratulated us. We are not coupon crazy or obsessed, yet who doesn't get pumped about saving that amount of money. If you are desiring to stay in a budget, this is such an easy way to save some bucks without sacrificing the brands/food you enjoy. Let me know about your money saving ideas, I am new to this and I know there are plenty of other great ideas out there.


Steph said...

YAY FOR COUPONS! I wrote up a review on my blog of this website, but if you haven't checked it out: www.couponmom.com. We aren't diehards about it - but we have been doing the Sunday paper thing, along with internet coupons. We've been saving $30-$50 as well! It's awesome!

Other websites that are helpful with deals/coupon leads:


Some of them are "mom" websites, but it doesn't matter - they all have great deal leads!

Good luck and happy couponing! Love you guys!

Melissa said...

I am a HUGE Sunday coupon clipper! Great job on the savings :)