Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of the big things I have learned in the first couple of years of marriage is how to compromise. I am pretty easy going, I don't ruffle too many feathers, and I like it that way. But... there are a few things I do not like changed. One of these things is my bedtime. As a kindergarten teacher, I cannot survive in the classroom without a good nights sleep, therefore; my current school night bedtime is 9:00. I know you are thinking that is a little early, yet it is what works best for me. This has caused a lot of "discussions" in the Cates household because we live in a loft. There is no bedroom door, no wall separating the rest of our living space from the bedroom, just a book shelf that you can see through. Marty is usually good with our 9:00 bedtime, yet last night was the basketball championship game that started at 9:30 (yay UNC). I tossed, turned and complained because the bright lights of the TV were disturbing my routine. Then we discovered a solution to our problem. Marty hung a towel on our bookcase that perfectly blocked the light from my side of the bed and I slept like a baby through the entire game. This is such a silly and simple solution, yet this is such a picture of compromise in our relationship, it is almost laughable.

Ah, no more bright lights :)

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