Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had a great week! Marty accepted a job offer from Dominion Enterprises located in Downtown Norfolk. Here is a picture of Dominion from our porch, no zoom.

It is the tallest white building in the middle, about 3 blocks away. He will be selling software and web services. He is very excited about this new opportunity! We feel very blessed that he was able to find a job that he is excited about, that he believes will challenge and grow his skills.

It is now nice and warm in Norfolk, which means people are out and about. I love the transition between seasons here. One week it is winter and the next week it is summer. In Hampton Roads it just skips spring and hurries right along into 85 degree weather. We had a great weekend with friends this weekend. Friday we got to babysit Marty and Amy's daughter Avery. This is a sweet couple that we know from church, that will sadly be moving far away too soon :( We will miss them a lot, and Avery too!

Saturday we went to a HUGE yard sale and got a brand new, never opened HP photosmart printer for $40.00. We were pretty excited since we have been living without a printer for about 2 years.

Saturday night we celebrated our friends Maria and Topher's marriage. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time with friends and the reception. Congrats Maria and Topher!!!

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