Sunday, May 31, 2009

1/4 century old !!!

Last Wednesday I celebrated my 1/4 century birthday. Wow, does that feel old. I felt so loved by coworkers, with fun gifts (thanks Ashley) and yummy lunch time desserts. On Friday, I celebrated with friends at No Frill Bar and Grill, one of my favorite places. Marty was a sweet hubby and went an hour early to ensure that we could have a party of 20 seated by 7:00. Hunter and Erin, friends from college, also visited for the weekend with their new beagle puppy. Fun times were had by all. Thanks to all who made my 25th birthday a special day/weekend! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Again, Marty wastes money on a beautiful wrapping service at Papyrus.

Marty picked out Vera Bradley place mats for my birthday, so fun!

They make such a pretty table.

Crazy friends at No Frill

Lazy Otis on the beach. He was such a good puppy on the beach!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Last week we celebrated our two year anniversary. It is crazy how fast time flies by. I feel like we have been married for such a long time, yet we are still growing and learning how to serve one another and love one another daily. We had a busy anniversary, yet we were able to spend a little time giving each other gifts and choose to have dinner the next night together. The second anniversary is the cotton anniversary, so in light of that we got each other something that had cotton in it. I got Marty two down pillows since he has wanted them since we registered before our wedding. Marty picked out an entire outfit for me and even choose jewelery to match my wedding bands.

Here are some of our favorite moments from our special day two years ago...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers! I think about a lot of our friends who are nearing their summer due dates quickly, and I think you should be celebrating today as well! Today we made a quick trip to Colonial Heights to visit with Marty's Mom. We are fortunate to live close enough to visit for a few hours and then return home. My Mom is in Europe today, so I will not be able to wish her a Happy Mother's Day on the phone, but I can over the good 'ole world wide web :)

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!