Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thanks to Ashley for sharing her Over the Top award with me! (Check out her blog!)

So, here are the rules:
Fill out the questions below, using only one word. Then pass this award along to some of your favorite bloggers, and tell 'em you did so! Have fun. :)

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your hair? long

3. Your mother? encouraging

4. Your father? steady

5. Your favorite food? ice-cream

6. Your dream last night? non-existent

7. Your favorite drink? tea

8. Your dream/goal? mama

9. What room are you in? all :)

10. Your hobby? girlishness

11. Your fear? pain

12. Where do you want to be in six years? healthy

13. Where were you last night? friends

14. Something that you aren't? rested

15. Muffins? yum

16. Wish list item? PUPPY

17. Where did you grow up? PA

18. Last thing you did? shower

19. What are you wearing? skirt

20. Your TV? CMT

21. Your pets? wish-list

22. Friends? selfless

23. Your life? whirlwind

24. Your mood? happy

25. Missing someone? family

26. Vehicle? CRV

27. Something you're not wearing? shoes

28. Your favorite store? LOFT

29. Your favorite color? pink

30. When was the last time you laughed? morning

31. Last time you cried? Wednesday

32. Your best friend? Marty

33. One place that I could go over and over? beach

34. One person who emails you regularly? Keely

35. Favorite place to eat? Chick-fil-a
& the next lucky winners are...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visit Home...

I feel like this could be a wedding blog with the amount of wedding posts I have been writing. It is that season for us. Someone told me at the most recent wedding I was at, that October was the new June for weddings. Fall is definitely becoming a more popular season for weddings! It is such a beautiful time to get married. I traveled home to see Melissa, one of my good girlfriends from high school, get married. Melissa is one of my most unique friends. She is a police officer in Washington, DC, yet loves to bake and make cute crafts! She is such a sweet friend! She paid attention to every detail in her wedding planning, and the wedding was truly a special celebration of her and Jack. Here are some shots from the wedding...

All the Henderson High School gals (minus Keely). I love that after 7 years we still know how to have a great time together!

Jack and Melissa are both police officers in DC, so this wedding topper is completely appropriate...yet hilarious! I never knew anything like this existed.

This past weekend was also a great time to catch up with my parents and sister. I had a great time relaxing and hanging out with them! I realized that our version of fall in Norfolk is almost muted compared to West Chester. The whole time we were outdoors, I kept commenting on the fall colors. It was so beautiful. I guess living in the city, I have missed out on the beauty of fall. I kept wanting to take pictures of the fall trees and scenery like I had never seen it before. Those of you that live where the leaves change, sorry...I just loved it!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, fall is here. We have been busy with many fun things and seem to always be on the go. I was just recently in my old roommate, Amanda's wedding. It was such a fun weekend to celebrate their 8 year relationship and their marriage. They were both so excited and thrilled to finally be marrying one another. The reception was a beautiful black, white and lime green theme. Amanda is so attentive to details, and the reception showed that. She used lime green Granny Smith Apples, and Damasks print table runners to accent her color theme. I am so excited for them to be living so close in Virginia Beach! I don't have too many pictures from the big weekend, yet here are some I stole from Facebook-

Monday, October 5, 2009


We took some middle school kids from our church to Modgnik, a youth group retreat, held at Rockbridge this weekend. Marty and I went to Rockbridge a lot throughout college because it is a Young Life camp, so it was so much fun to take the kids there. We were completely surrounded by the mountains, and it was just beautiful. We did a ropes course, rock climbing, a HUGE swing, zip line, water slides, and the blob. It was a really busy and tiring weekend, but the kids loved it and learned a lot about God's love and grace.