Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

Today in kindergarten we were talking about Thanksgiving and things that we are thankful for...my morning class discussion went as follows:
Me: "Boys and girls, we are going pass around the pig (stuffed animal) and each take a turn sharing one thing or person we are thankful for. We will start with you."
Student 1: "I am thankful for my Mama."
Student 2: " I am thankful for ALL of my toys."
Student 3: " I am thankful for my baby sister."
Student 4: " I am thankful for God and thankful that He loves me this much (as he spreads his arms wide).

Even in public school, I am blessed with precious moments like these. What a sweet reminder of grace and God's love.

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Anonymous said...

i love to read your story, such kind of harmonese and valuable of life.