Monday, November 23, 2009

Pink, lace and polka dots :)

This weekend I traveled home to visit my family and the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale while Marty had a boys weekend. Time with family was great and encouraging. I am so blessed to have family that supports me and loves me so unconditionally. The Lilly sale was everything one would expect it to be... pink, lace, and polka dots everywhere...LOVE IT. It is at times like this that I am reminded that I am ALL girl. I used self-control, stayed under budget and came home with 2 wrap skirts, a bathing suit, and cute wooden hangers. It was a great girly trip with my Mom and it made me super excited about the Spring sale :) We even saw one of these at the sale...

As the holidays quickly approach, I am constantly reminded of things that I am thankful for everyday. The Lord has blessed us so richly; we have never been in want or need. We have been given all that we have needed, and yet daily we fail to recognize this gift. I am so quick to want, worry and plan, and so slow to praise God for the little/ big things. I am so thankful to have a washer and dyer in our condo, yet I complain when I have to do laundry and desire a big beautiful wash room. I am thankful that we have a balcony where we can look at the River and watch the sun go down, yet I desire a yard and a puppy. We live in a broken world that is never pleased and always yearns for the next thing/phase. I struggle to remember that God has promised to provide and care for us. Take time to slow down and think about the blessings in your own life this week. What are you thankful for today?

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