Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whew! After 35 or so parent-teacher conferences, completing report cards, PALS testing, committee meetings, planning and educating 40 5 year-olds I have been in need of a break. Thankfully Veteran's Day fell at a perfect time and provided a much needed break from the busyness. On my first day off of the school year I decided to start my Christmas shopping. I only got two presents done, yet that is a start. I always love picking out fun things for family and friends, and I have found new stores in Norfolk that I am taking advantage of this year for the first time :)

Marty and I have been asked to start thinking about what we would like for Christmas this year. It is difficult when you don't live near family to just drop hints, or go shopping together and point out things that you like or dislike. Since we have been asked by various members of the family, we thought we would create a blog post of some things that would be nice this Christmas.

- We love the monogrammed Tervis Tumbler sets. We end up only using our plastic cups around the house. These cups keep your drink cold or hot for hours. They also have a cute ice bucket to match.

- serving dishes

- Formal China, our pattern is Lenox Spring Vista. We are slowly adding to our collection.

- Marty always asks for the Band of Brothers DVD collection or any books on historical events

- Magazine subscriptions to...

- Cute Christmas ornaments as we are still trying to fill our tree :)

I hope this helps. I will post other ideas if we think of more. I found this cute ribbon wreath on Etsy recently. I may try to make one for our home for the holidays.

What a wonderful day off to start thinking about the holidays. I hope y'all had a wonderful Wednesday!!!


Steph said...

Re: Magazine Subscriptions. One of the frugal mom blogs I read shared this find. I'm not sure if it is still going on (it was as of yesterday), but was having a HUGE magazine subscription sale. I got 4 1-year magazine subscriptions (Better H&G, Cooking Light, Parents and Food Network Magazine) for only $30. COoking Light was only $5!!! Just wanted to let you (or anyone who wants to get you a gift) know!

PS - Band of Brothers = awesome. We have it!

MeredithT said...

Love all of your fun ideas. Gave me some hints for what I want on my wishlist. I am glad you got through all of the school craziness. Conferences are down for me, report cards are still in the works. Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough! Thanks for sharing!