Sunday, December 20, 2009

hey ya!

The busyness of the season is already upon us, yet we have loved every minute of it. We have celebrated the season with friends, co-workers, youth group kids, and family and it is only December 20. Take some time on the 4th Advent Sunday to consider this... The king of the universe, in all His beauty and holiness, chose to come to a dirty, sinful Earth because He loves you. With all the hustle and bustle of this last week before Christmas take time to think about how that should affect our hearts this season.

A sweet friend, Alaina, shared this with me. I am a kindergarten teacher; therefore, I love Charlie Brown. You can't sit still for this one :)


MeredithT said...

That video is HILARIOUS and wonderful! I am glad you all have had a wonderful joyous season thus far!

alaina said...

LURVES this! So glad you enjoyed it :) Have so much fun preaching the Gospel via Charlie Brown in class today :)