Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wow this has been a LONG Time coming


It seems like when we started this blog over two years ago that what we are about to talk about was on our minds then much as it is now. You all have been faithful readers about the happenings of our lives from my struggles at work to Meredith's love affair with kindergartners. Many of you will say that you saw this coming a mile away, and others of you may wonder to yourselves if we are sane or not.

After years of prayer and searching, Meredith and I feel we are being called to full-time ministry, and thus being good Presbyterians we are starting the journey to Seminary . We have not yet come to a decision on where we will be going or what exactly we will be doing afterward. We do know that this is the right step for us, and that while daunting and scary,we rest on the promises of God that all things will be worked out for the good of our salvation.

What does this mean for the Cates? Most likely Meredith and I will be packing up our cars and moving vans in the late spring to move to St. Louis to attend Covenant Seminary. You read that correctly... St. Louis! This born and bred Virginian and his wife who has taken on the role of a Southern Belle so well are moving to the Mid West. Who would have ever thought that this was possible. Ultimately though this means a lot of changes for us. Not only geographically, but we are leaving behind unbelievable friends and community. We leave behind jobs that are secure and pretty well paying considering all things.

Leaving the known for the unknown is always scary and difficult. It is even more difficult when the unknown has so few certainties. Seminary is going to be very challenging on us spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Spiritually we will both be confronted with studying the scriptures as an academic text, and will need to be on guard not to lose site of the Love of Christ. Emotionally it will be exhausting for us as I study night and day, and Meredith deals with grumpy Marty.

We will also be stretched financially. We hope Meredith is able to find employment in St. Louis so that we continue to have some income, but we currently do not have anything lined up. We will be increasing our monthly expenses as tuition cost will be close to $13,000 a year before books. This is the area we struggle with the most. Both of us come from middle class families, and never really wanted for anything. That is about to change for us drastically.

This transition is exciting for us, despite the craziness of the details and situation. I don't think we have ever been more at peace with a decision. Please be in prayer for us. If you would like to talk to us about how you can support us spiritually, emotionally, or financially please feel free to call or email us. We look forward to sharing the details with you as this transition unfolds.

We are headed to St. Louis to visit this coming weekend. We will give you a full update when we return.

As always thanks for reading... Marty


A.K. said...

praying for you two! My brother in law just graduated from there a year ago if you need anyone to talk to!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck!! Prayers are being sent your way.

Anonymous said...

wow. much luck!!!! love you guys!

Ashley said...

Praying that your visit goes well and you are given the affirmation you need to make the move. Travel safely! :)

The Felts Family said...

Awesome! Praying for you both!!!!!!