Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ahh, it is so nice to wake up in your own bed on a Saturday morning... at last a weekend at home with only limited commitments! We have traveled every weekend so far in February, hence the lack of blogging. I will try to quickly catch you up on our adventures in February, now that March is right around the corner.
1. Weekend 1- St Louis
After almost hurling at take off and landing, we arrived in Atlanta 45 minutes late. We sprinted like Olympic athletes across the Atlanta airport. While taking a quick breather on the escalator, we made the dramatic decision to leave Marty behind to "slowly run" with the luggage while I in my Danskos and Vera raced to the gates and begged them not to leave without us. The plan worked, and as we sat in the plane, wheezing and coughing, we looked forward to our trip to Covenant to help confirm our choice to go to Seminary. We arrived to our cute guest suite late and exhausted, yet excited for what the weekend would bring. Here are some pictures of the room and the campus.

Our visit was all planned out by the nice admissions staff. We were treated to lots of meals on campus and in students' homes. Marty and I got to attend classes and chapel, and they even planned a time for me to have coffee with a seminary student's wife. We got a good feel for what life would be like at Covenant, and felt welcomed with open arms. The seminary is located in a nice suburb of St. Louis, so we felt very safe and I felt at home with a nice Target and good shopping right around the corner. The trip overall was a good confirmation to what we had been feeling and thinking about Covenant and helped us make our "final decision" to attend in the summer.

The trip left me with mixed emotions. I was glad to feel comfortable with our decision after visiting, yet it made the decision seem more real and a lot closer. It is funny to think that the big, bad cityish city of Norfolk, has become like home to Marty and I. I love my job, our church, and the friends that have become like family here. WIll there be a good job with great co-workers in Missouri? Will there be a great church that challenges and loves us in Missouri? Will there be good friends that love us for the goof-balls that we are? These are some things that we are pondering currently, along with hunting for a job for me and figuring out our finances. Please pray for strengthened faith through the uncertain times to come.

2. Weekend 2- West Chester
We traveled home to just visit with my family over Valentine's weekend. We had a great time teaching them to play one of our all time favorite games, Settlers of Catan. We also saw Valentine's Day, which I thought was so-so, and visited Ikea which is always a great trip. It was so nice to relax, watch the Olympics, and just be at home with my family without other plans or commitments. Here is how high the snow was there!

3. Weekend 3- Rivah House
Our Pastor, Jack, planned a weekend for all the youth leaders from Trinity to get together at his parent's house for a training weekend. We learned from a youth pastor from Richmond about our identity in Christ, and helping youth find their identity in Christ. Overall it was a great time of fellowship, learning and refreshed our focus with the kids.

Thanks for catching up with our lives!

Monday, February 1, 2010

White Norfolk...

Surprise...Norfolk gets snow!!! Our weekend forecast was true, and we did indeed get some beautiful ground covering snow. We really enjoyed being snowed in with our dear friends Reid and Allyson (they live downstairs). We ate banana chocolate chip pancakes, played games, had snow ball fights, and even built a real snowman! Here are some shots of our great weekend!


What a sweet time with friends! Today schools are closed and tomorrow they are as well. I have loved having time to get the house back in order, get life reorganized after a long January.