Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living large in Larchmont...

The past week we have been housesitting/dog sitting in a BEAUTIFUL home in Larchmont ( a old Norfolk neighborhood). It felt like a mini-vacation as we enjoyed sleeping on a king size
Tempur-pedic mattress, lovin' on a cute puppy dog and making a cozy fire. Marty is super smitten with their dog, Chester, as you can see.
The house is right on the water, so we enjoyed the river all week long, lovely!

We had a fun little break from the normal routine of life in our condo, but it is always good to return home after a week away. Me being sad to leave...

This weekend I also shopped with my sweet friend Amanda, who lives in Virginia Beach. While out, we stopped at our favorite shopping destination, TJ Max. I found hot pink Crocs for $9.99...score!

I have wanted a pair to wear around the house and to camp with the youth group kids, yet spending more than $20 for plastic shoes seemed kinda silly. So, of course I was super excited when I found "my color" for 10 bucks. I like my pair so much I want to wear them all the time, but I'm not sure what "Croc etiquette" is.

Is there Croc wearing etiquette?

Are they just for water activities and in the house, or is it appropriate to wear them to the grocery store or to run a quick errand? Any thoughts, please let me know. I don't want to be one of those people who is running out of the house in sweats, socks and addidas flip flops thinking in is appropriate. Thanks!

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Ashley said...

What a beautiful home! :) Lucky ducks!
Okay, so my crocs get worn when I'm running out of the house to do something in the yard/grab something out of the car and that's pretty much it until summertime. Then, they are fair game. :)