Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seminary Updates...

A friend told me we need to start writing down how we have seen the Lord work in our transition to Covenant, to encourage us in times where we struggle to see the Lord moving and working. We have been blessed to have some details smoothed out, in even better ways that we had hoped. Marty was offered an opportunity to be the on-call maintenance man at Seminary. This means he would be on-call every evening until the morning when the maintenance man returns to work. He will be responsible for fixing or stabilizing a problem and contacting a person to fix a problem. This is a great chance for Marty to work while studying from home and will not interfere too much with his schooling. One of the best parts is that it guarantees us an apartment on campus which is really where we wanted to live. Marty's paycheck will just come off of our rent, which is a huge blessing. Our rent will be $700 cheaper than our current rent; this is such a provision when we are cutting down to one salary. Quickly, God has provided a place to live that we can afford and a part-time job that Marty can do while working on school. Pretty sweet, right!
Currently, I am still looking for a teaching position. We have moved all unneeded furniture to Marty's parents house and are starting to pack up some things. Lots to do, yet God has been good and faithful to us already in the details.

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