Monday, June 28, 2010

Our new home in Missouri

Here are some pictures of our new apartment at Covenant. My Mom was such a huge help throughout the whole process, I could not have set up our entire apartment in 4 days without her!
Immediately to the right when you walk in is our dinning area.

Where all the learning and studying happens :)

The living room/dining room/office is kind of all in the living space. We tied the areas together with blue and green paisley curtains. They are actually bed sheets from Walmart that we made into curtains and it turned out great.

The kitchen is roomy and has a huge pantry in the corner.

The bathroom. It has a linen closet too which is awesome for storage.

The second bedroom. It is very spacious and we were able to fit the bookshelf and color coordinate it again :) I left the left side of the bookshelf for Marty's class books.

The master bedroom- We made the fabric headboard, and we just need to hang it a little higher on the wall and it will be finished. I also made curtains to match. I found brown, paisley tablecloths at Home Goods to use instead of fabric and it worked great and saved a lot of $. We are still searching craigslist and furniture stores for a dresser to complete our bedroom.

We have not hung anything on the wall yet, but at least the basics are covered. I hope you enjoyed the tour.


Ashley said...

yay! I love the new place (and the new Mac!) Hope you're continuing to settle in well! :)

Sara said...

I love it! Thanks for the pictures. Please tell us all how you made the fabric headboard. I want to make one for us, too!

Priscilla said...

It looks lovely and very home-y. You did a great job! Blessings on your new home!