Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sad to leave, happy to be here...

We are now in St. Louis and all settled into our new "home". My Mom drove with me (well drove me) all the way here from PA. We spent the night in Ohio, and arrived here on Tuesday afternoon. From Tuesday until Friday we worked on the apartment non-stop, from unpacking boxes to sewing curtains to shopping for odds and ends. My Mom was such a big help I don't think I could have done it all with out her here. I will post pictures of the apartment tomorrow.

Today, I would love to show you some of the highlights of our "last days" in Norfolk. We were so blessed to have many going away gatherings, and felt so loved and blessed by our friends and co-workers.

Here is our beloved Tazewell Place loft after everything was moved out.

We moved in two TINY pods that were a 1/2 a parking space each. Good thing we did not have too much stuff!

Our friends, the Sabins and Dickensons, planned a going away party at the Drinkwalter's home. They invited all of our Trinity friends, planned a nice lunch after church and prayed for our transition to Covenant.

The Youth Group had a celebration for us as well after our last meeting. They got us a cake and the leaders and kids made us a video where each kid shared something about me or Marty. It was so sweet to hear their hearts and their funny comments. The youth group boys called me Dith, so there is no misprint on the cake :) How funny is that cake! It would have only been ordered by two boys!

After Marty left me to finish out the school year, I stayed with a sweet friend named Hannah (in the middle). We enjoyed being roomies for the two weeks, shared our love of Gilmore Girls, diet coke and even went to see a Tides game.
I went to Rita's with my sweet middle school gals Bailey and Maddie to say goodbye. I will love having two fun pen-pals over the next three years!
I packed up my classroom and left it to the next lucky kindergarten teacher that gets room 131 next to my sweet Ashley in Room 130.
My fellow kindergarten teachers also had a fun party after school to celebrate my leaving with yummy snacks. Teachers can cook and bake! I celebrated my last dinner at Baker's Crust with an old friend/roomie from Tech, Amanda. Then had dessert at Rita's with lots of girlfriends. What a great time we had with friends in June! We again have felt so supported and blessed by our friendships and family. Thank you all for loving us and helping us through this transition.


MeredithT said...

Rita's makes me think of you. I tried it last week, and loved it! Good luck in your new destination! I look forward to keeping up!

Ashley said...

so glad you're all settled in. I can't wait to see pictures of the new place!