Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What a Wednesday.  I just walked out of my first Greek exam of the summer.  A mere 5 days in and we have already covered 10 chapters, and boom an exam (the five includes today's exam so really 4 days and  10 chapters).  There was a lot of information, and I missed somethings.  I totally botched a translation I had to do by mistranslating a word that is faithful into holy.  Crazy sentence ensued.  I also forget some conflation rules and added an extra sigma to a word.  Oh well.

Part of today really helped me remember why I am here.  Our professor came in and made some jokes about trying to cram for vocab and let us know he was going to take 5 minutes of our time and we would forget whatever we were just staring at.  He then put up some of the original greek text on the board and asked us to translate, knowing that we couldn't.  He went back to the beginning and started to help us, and guide us and while a lot of the vocab was more advanced and further down the road for us the grammar made sense.  So we were able to with his help pull pieces together.  He went on to remind us that we are not in his class to be the best of out of class, and to get upset that so and so got an A.  We are in class and at this Seminary to be changed and shaped by the Gospel.  It was refreshing to hear that amid the choas and stress of an exam.

I left today knowing I didn't get a 100, but knowing that my understanding of the Word of life is growing and my love for the Gospel is as well.


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