Thursday, July 1, 2010

fabric headboard

Here is a quick tutorial on how we made the headboard. There are lots of sites out there with great advice too. We just kind of went with what we had and could find in stores around here, so there are some modifications.

Step 1- Find your fabric- I loved a lot of fabrics we found at fabric stores, yet the price of nice fabric was not in our budget. We thought about getting a sheet set and using the flat sheet as our fabric, yet most nice sheet sets were around $40.00. We ended up finding a tablecloth at Home Goods for $10.00 that was the color we wanted and has a subtle paisley pattern. I purchased 2, one for the headboard and one to make curtains with.
Step 2- Buy your plywood- Most plywood in the store is 4 feet wide, so the height of our headboard is 4 feet. We measured the width of our queen mattress, which was 60 inches, and added two inches to the headboard width. We asked the helpful Home Depot man to cut our plywood at 62 inches. You can use 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch plywood depending on your budget and/or preference.

Step 3- Buy batting and foam- I went to Hancock Fabrics to get my batting and foam because foam was on sale. You can go to most craft stores for batting, yet the foam was harder to find. I got 2 two inch foam pieces, to fit our 48'' by 62'' headboard. FYI- Foam was much more expensive than I thought. I got each piece of foam for around $20.00, yet full price would have been $44.00. The foam is worth doing, but just look for sales before you start this project.

Step 4- Cut your foam to fit the dimensions of your plywood. I used an utility knife to cut, yet it took a couple cuts to get through all the foam. It does not need to be perfect, because it will be covered with batting and fabric.

Step 5- Assembly- Iron fabric/tablecloth and lay it flat on the floor ( front side facing the floor). Lay the batting down next on top of the fabric. Then place the foam on top of the batting. Last, lay the plywood on top of the foam.

Stapling- Use a staple gun to secure the layers to the back of the plywood. I started with one staple in the middle of the top and bottom edges. Then did one staple in the middle of the left and right edges. Then I stapled about every 2 inches all the way around. The corners you have to play with to see the look you like. I cut out some extra batting from the corner and folded the extra fabric like hospital corners with sheets. This gave the corners a more flat look.

Step 6- Attach your headboard to the wall. We have not completed this step yet. Our headboard is resting on the ground right now. We purchased 2 professional french cleat picture hangers at Home Depot. It has interlocking brackets that hold 100 lbs. each. This will position the headboard higher on the wall for a more dramatic look, yet it will still be very sturdy. I will post the final look once Marty has some time to hang it :)
Overall costs:
Tablecloth- $10.00
Batting- $13.00 lots left over
Foam- $40.00- 2 for $20.00 each
Wood- $23.00
Wall mounts- $20.00- 2 for $10.00 each
Total- $106.00

That beats the $499.00 +$75.00(S&H) Pottery Barn Price.
Any advice for finding cheap dressers and linens?


Sara said...

thank you!!!

Ashley said...

Craigslist for dressers! :)

Marty Cates said...

Not pictured anywhere is the helpful husband.

Hannah K said...

I'm totally impressed by the Cates DIY skill set. Miss you guys!