Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Soulards, Somali Wild Asses and Stacy

Marty has the week off of class, so we have discovered some fun things to do in St. Louis. There is a HUGE farmers market downtown called Soulard's Farmers Market. We have enjoyed getting some fresh produce there and beautiful flowers.
Today we went to the zoo with some new friends from Covenant and their children. It had all of your typical zoo animals and some nice exhibits. Best of all it was free, so we can visit the lions, tigers and bears anytime we want!
A sweet new friend, Mary Elizabeth
You can see the antelope, leopards, lions and the Somali Wild Asses!
In our spare time we also discovered how to video chat on gmail with Stacy. Miss you and love you Stace-Face!


Ashley said...

hope you're loving your new Mac! :)

Scott said...

Yall should update your "About the Cates" section. It taunts those of us in Norfolk.

Sara said...

We HAVE to video chat on gmail or skype soon!!!!!! Miss you!!!