Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whitaker Music Festival

Last night we went to the Whitaker Music Festival with another couple from seminary. This is a free music festival held in the Missouri Botanical Gardens most Wednesday nights in the summer. The gardens are free anytime after 5 and the concert goes from 7:30-10. Marty and I arrived about 7 with our two beach chairs and a picnic basket filled with yummy snacks- grapes, cheese, wine and pretzels. When we arrived, people were everywhere enjoying their picnics. Some people had normal picnic materials like we did, yet some were enjoying a full dinner spread on portable tables and chairs, they even had candles lit on their tables for when it got dark. It seemed like there was a big group of people that did this every Wednesday in the summer. It was a really fun evening with friends, listening to live music, enjoying good food and company. We will definitely attend the music festival next week for their last week of the summer.

We did not see this cooler contraption, yet it would be nice way to picnic in style!

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