Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 before 30 update

30 before 30

Elizabeth has posted a new give away on her blog for participants of the 30 before 30 challenge. I always love the opportunity to win free things, so I will update my 30 Before 30 list for y'all and hopefully win a beautiful new accessory!

My 30 before 30...
1. Take cooking classes
2. Finish making a quilt
3. Read the whole Bible
4. Become a dog owner
5. Move with Marty to a brand new place for us both - FINISHED- we moved 14 hours away from both our families to St. Louis this summer
6. Stop biting my nails
7. Sew a piece of clothing
8. Grow a vegetable/ herb garden
9. Kick the diet coke habit= 1 diet coke/day for 30 days straight- DEFINITELY STILL TRYING
10. Read 10 American fiction classics
11. Regularly write letters to friends far away and close by
12. Learn to golf
13. Learn to cut Marty's hair- FINISHED
14. Get professional "family" portraits made (just Marty and me)- IN OCTOBER :)
15. Make jelly/jam
16. Drive cross- country
17. Host baby shower for a good friend
18. Create a wedding album
19. Go away with Marty for a 1 week vacation
20. Pay off the CRV- COMPLETED
21. Re-watch all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls- ON SEASON 6
22. Visit Nashville, country music capital :)
23. Find a regular walking buddy
24. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
25. Go on a vacation with friends- COMPLETED- Spring Break to OBX this past March with college friends
26. Watch Marty graduate from Seminary and be ordained
27. Throw a bridal shower for my sister Bethany
28. Take tennis lessons in a cute tennis skirt
29. Buy a house
30. Become a Mama/ Start trying

Still working on a lot of these, and some will not be possible for a few years. I hope y'all are enjoying this lazy Sunday afternoon. It is really cold here in Missouri today. We woke up with the windows open and couldn't get out of bed it was so cold! I changed out our closets yesterday, so from now on it is long pants and Dansko (cowboy boots for Marty) weather. Enjoy a cozy, relaxing Sunday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fighting Gravity

I don't watch America's Got Talent. I think it is kind of strange that there are so many types of performances, and in the end there is a winner over all the performances. I just don't understand how you judge that. Anyways, Marty and I just discovered this group called Fighting Gravity. They are a group of fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech who have made it to the finals on America's Got Talent. They created the idea for a talent show called Ancorsplash at Tech, and decided to audition for this show because of the positive response. It is such a neat performance, you just have to watch it. Go Hokies!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie suggestions

Marty and I have been enjoying renting free movies at the local library. I made the mistake of going on Saturday, which I found to mean all the newer movies are rented. I searched through movies such as Flicka and Armageddon and found Father of the Bride. As a girly girl, of course this is an all-time favorite movie. As I looked closer, I realized that Steve Martin was not on the front cover and that there is an original Father of the Bride made in the 50s. Who knew? I excitedly rented it and the sequel, originally called Father's Little Dividend. I greatly enjoyed both movies, Spencer Tracy plays the Father (Stanely), Elizabeth Taylor plays the daughter (Kay) and Joan Bennet plays the Mother (Ellie). Both movies have an all star cast, and are truly entertaining. If you have a chance, I would definitely recommend them. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Opposites do Attract, and we aren't just talking about magnets...

So class has started and life has just gotten crazy at the Cates household.  Meredith is taking one class with me this fall called Spiritual and Ministry Formation.  A big part of this class is learning about how your personality and spiritual gifts fit into the work of the Church at large.  Meredith and I were really enjoying this time of self discovery until it came time to take the Myers Briggs assessment.  I know there are some out there that don't think the Myers Briggs is a worthy tool for assessment.  In fact I know at least one good friend who happens to be a Pediatrician who thanks its a load of crap.  Something about it not accounting for things Schizophrenia and other similar disorders.  With that said Meredith and I both sat down to take the assessment to find out our personality types.  Low and behold we are exact opposites.  Not just opposites in some places, but literally everywhere.  I'm an ENFP (we all knew this already and didn't need the test to tell us this, but I had to take it)  and Meredith is an ISTJ.  We don't know what this exactly means yet, or how to handle it.  We thought it was interesting though, and thought all of you should know as well.  It is true opposites DO attract.