Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Opposites do Attract, and we aren't just talking about magnets...

So class has started and life has just gotten crazy at the Cates household.  Meredith is taking one class with me this fall called Spiritual and Ministry Formation.  A big part of this class is learning about how your personality and spiritual gifts fit into the work of the Church at large.  Meredith and I were really enjoying this time of self discovery until it came time to take the Myers Briggs assessment.  I know there are some out there that don't think the Myers Briggs is a worthy tool for assessment.  In fact I know at least one good friend who happens to be a Pediatrician who thanks its a load of crap.  Something about it not accounting for things Schizophrenia and other similar disorders.  With that said Meredith and I both sat down to take the assessment to find out our personality types.  Low and behold we are exact opposites.  Not just opposites in some places, but literally everywhere.  I'm an ENFP (we all knew this already and didn't need the test to tell us this, but I had to take it)  and Meredith is an ISTJ.  We don't know what this exactly means yet, or how to handle it.  We thought it was interesting though, and thought all of you should know as well.  It is true opposites DO attract.

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